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Rillaspora - Thomo_ - 11-19-2017

Came across the Rilla map, damn, I really did enjoy that map.


And the addition of Hall of Fame guild bots. Anyone else a fan of the spinoff?

RE: Rillaspora - Obvious Cough - 11-23-2017

I've had this one of diaspora for a reallly long time.

RE: Rillaspora - buttersz - 11-24-2017

I played Rillaspora for a bit off and on. It was pretty good clone.

RE: Rillaspora - Obvious Cough - 11-26-2017

I liked Rilla more than Endyspora for sure.

RE: Rillaspora - Thomo_ - 11-26-2017

I’ve never heard of Endyspora, well until a few mentioned it in the forums or in game.

RE: Rillaspora - nesetalis - 11-29-2017

Played a little Rillaspora, but I was working with freaknigh on his projectdiaspora. Mostly bug fixing his race threading conditions Tongue

RE: Rillaspora - StarReaper - 11-29-2017

I was never really interested in any of the clones, specially from players who cheated or bot'd a lot on the first game, granted I was working on Exodus at the time, and when that fell through after a few recodes I was burnt out and working full time on a company I just had started I didn't have time to play clones. But there were a lot of good teams out for a few years trying to make the game and fix issues with it

RE: Rillaspora - DiamondAK - 12-06-2017

I liked Rillas, mainly due to the ship balancing and lack of Helios which made both Nereid and Endymion competitive. A Nerry moth with Razor Rays is a great thing.

RE: Rillaspora - Thomo_ - 12-06-2017

That’s some of the main reasons why I think I really enjoyed Rilla. Plus I thought that map was good as well.

RE: Rillaspora - StarReaper - 12-06-2017

Nerrys are the bad ass ships prior to hello Smile it was like heavy duty guys ran endymoths the bad ass pkers the nerrys