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Team Job Openings! Apply here!
We have a few people that are doing a few of the following items but more would allow us to do a better product, and faster Smile So if you got skills to pay the bills in any of the following! Please apply bellow!

1. Graphic Designers, Modeling, Landscape, Items, Art and Promo - We couldn't get enough Graphic people, we have a couple people for ship modeling, could use more, we need people to do still graphics, wall papers, ship weapons and items, cityscapes, the gates, a bunch of stuff!

2. Music and Sound Effects - We have some music, some sound effects, but a lot of things we will need.

3. Community Managers, and Forum Mods. - We have a few mods, and a few community managers in mind but would like some solid, stable Wink people to help out, and a list of backups.

4. Stories and Lore writers. - We have some of the lore for Diaspora, and it needs a little work, maybe a new story entirely.

5. PHP, Unreal4, and Web Coders. - You would be working directly for our main coder doing whatever he needs you to do! Need a good PHP coder to assist with server side things as well.

6. Web Site Designer/Admin - Looking for someone to keep the page up to date and active.

Some of these positions we can offer some compensation for, were not rich Smile but if you can offer a great value we will offer you actual money, unless you want to get paid in ingame credits and hell we can work that out Big Grin

Happy to apply for Forum help, being in GMT will always help for those of us over the pond. Also I'm not too bad a story writing, so don't mind helping out if you need it and given a basic beginning middle and end. Not after real money, looking for a new hobby after 100% completion of FFXV.
Happy to sign up for forum help and/or web site help. I have no design skills for websites but if you give me a design, I'll make it work in the code. I have PHP/MySQL/MSSQL/CSS (with RWD) coding experience. I have some JS and JQuery experience but what I don't know I can figure out.

If you have any Q's or what not, just shoot me a message.
AChillingSight (formally Genix Ðëæ and You_Moron)

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