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Bug Report
Fell free to report all the bugs
thx in advance
with Respect PatoBravo
in trade center need add button sell all

make qick buttons:
+ and - add power to engine
SPACE for jump
TAB quick target selection
` fire

sometimes chat slice words

talos atteker, but model from nisus

when in area a lot of loot, so in right screen you have mess

when i was change chat settings, game was crush

when i die, i go to hangar and saw lag

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Graphic Inteface is bigger than the window.

Unable to see how many guns any ship is allowed.

When using the repair slider, it doesn't actually fully repair.

Destroying either an asteroid or Klynn, its highly likely that the next 'ship' to jump into your node will jump into the same spot. Causing, in this case, auto firing on Militia.

Arachne ship models not showing.

Nissus textures on ships not working.

Significant Lag when entering hanger.

Not sure this is a bug, but where are the guild rewards for killing certain guilds! haha Tongue

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I have issues with the graphics interface following adjusting settings in the graphics options in game. Now the cockpit it blurred. All other screens are ok. I changed the graphics setting, now no matter what setting i use the cockpit view is blurred.


Caused by clicking "Set as Default"



Exit the game

Navigate in windows explorer to
C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME HERE\AppData\Local\MassExodus\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\

Find file "GameUserSettings" and delete it.

Restart game and it will automatically rebuild the file.
Sometime when trying to log in, it accepts user/pass, says "connecting to game server" and then reverts to login screen.

Video: Failed login video
Mentioned this elsewhere, but Sell Deck is dangerous and can leave you with insufficient funds to buy a ship, leaving you stuck in dock.

Not a great lover of the hanger interface in general. It's not particularly obvious what is yours and what is market etc. A more distinct colour scheme might help?
Keep the bugs coming folks we will get them all hammered out and fixed. Special note cargo sales will have a sell all button
I have had instances where buttons just dont respond when clicked so ive lost some ships because i cant engage or jump away.
is there any way to enable debugging/logs where if we come across problems we can post you the logs when stuff happens?
Thats a good question let me ask Mike on that.
The server and the jump button are not synced... so you'll have to wait an extra second (or two depending on ship speed) to jump or raise your shields to engage a bot and still expect to jump. Lost a few ships learning that one hahahaha

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