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1.5 Targets - Place 1.4 bugs here for verfication and inclusion
Another Bug

My Sat was destroyed but my home planet is still set to where the sat was. It should revert back to original home planet. This was my attempt to spawn back in Gen success!
That doesn’t matter as you can set any planet as your home planet, doesn’t matter about guild control.
Are you sure that is true? I can't seem to set any other planet as my home planet.

Maybe you can give me a step by step on how to do it?
[Image: CalcTime.jpg]

I was working on my trade calc (which i will post eventually) but I've added a timer to see how long I have on my route. I've noticed that the time remaining in the  market seems odd.  It looks like it hits 0:00:00 but remains at zero until the actual time expires. Might be a bug.
We might be sending out an API to people wanting the best trades, will look at that bug though.
There seems to be an issue between laptops and desktops. 

When I connect on my desktop, everything is nice and smooth, including the login process.
When I connect on my laptop, the login process is very slow and I have to close the launcher to enter the game.


If you let your jump charge half way, then bring up your shields, the jump time doubles and fills my bar. 

For example, if i let my jump charge 25% of the way, bring my shields up, it will fill to 50%.  This makes trading and mining a lot more profitable Smile

I am also noticing that repairs costs do not seem to be on point. The more I know that the more damage is caused to your ship, the higher the costs. But shouldn't it be somewhat linear? I don't think that is the case. If my repair cost at 75% is 1000, my repair costs at 50% should be 2000, but i think its more.

Also, I've noticed that when it says repair all for $XXXX, I click repair all but it doesn't equal the value specified.

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