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New Galaxy

Just wanted a to post the start of a new galaxy here so it does not get lost in the discord.  Hope you all like it!

I'm coming to this topic a little late but I like that. Reminds me of a map I was working on I was calling the battlefield. Unfortunately I've lost the image but the jist of it was there were 3/4 warring factions in the middle. Each had it's own 'arm' that went out from the middle and at the end of each arm was a 'general' which would require multiple people to destroy and some strategy. I was using pDiaspora for my source (got it from Nigh) but I'm not a C (can't remember if it's in # or ++) programmer so my map never made it past an image. I still have the source code and would like to see my map 'live' at some point so I might need to look into it again :p
AChillingSight (formally Genix Ðëæ and You_Moron)

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